Thingstel IoT is the bazooka you bring to a gunfight.

The food processing industry, in general, has always been a laggard in terms of technology adoption due to the complexity of production lines and inconspicuous investments; but with the advent of a globalized supply chain and improved maritime logistics, customer patience for quality raw materials and finished goods has drastically reduced.

Thanks to the internet and the data revolution of the first 2 decades of the millennium, every customer today demands multiple data points tracking and instant notification systems, for different stakeholders. This moment of awakening is knocking on the food processing industry’s doors also. Thankfully we have you covered here with Thingstel’s IoT modular architecture.

With Thingstel’s IoT solution, Food processing companies can reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and more importantly drive sales and revenues exponentially.

Let us visualize what is possible with Thingstel’s IoT solution

Consider a global coffee retail chain wants to inculcate six Sigma-based solutions, then data points about the “journey” of the processed beans are critical.
IoT solutions such as Thingstel’s IoT architecture coupled with its notification systems and data visualizations, implementation becomes an easy task rather than a complex hurdle.

Furthermore, just the thought of predicting exactly when a coffee shop might require coffee beans and delivering it on the dot while traversing through hundreds of variables and events is the stuff of magic tales.

So, Thingstel IoT is the bazooka you bring to a gunfight!

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