5 things to prepare before deployment of an IoT solution.

5 things to prepare before deployment of an IoT solution.

Organizations take pride in being Hyperconnected enterprises, a globally accessible enterprise or “industry 4.0” compliant or the trending of them all “IoT enabled”;  but what does it take to actually become IoT enabled and be industry 4.0? Fret not we have you covered:

  1. ERP :

An ERP will enable the dissemination and presenting data collected at various tasks and processes in a user-specific and usable format.

Combining the IoT solution with an ERP also can help perform detailed analysis and predictive maintenance of the factory floor.

  1. Internet connectivity:

As much we would love to tell you IoT is the best big thing and it’s the magic wand of productivity the truth is the first letter of IoT is important i.e. Internet, before deploying an IoT solution ensure either there is an active wifi/LAN network or the location where an IoT gateway is placed has a strong GPRS/4G signal availability.

Newer standards might exist which can claim long-range such as LoRaWAN or sigmafox but to export and leverage data, an internet connection is a necessity.

  1. The environment of operation:

Let us break down what we mean by the environment of operation: any physical space where the IoT devices or the machine/s are supposed to operate is the environment of operation.

Defining where the IoT solution will be deployed and environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, pressure cleanliness will determine how effective the IoT solution will be for your organization. Also determining the physical distance that is to be covered by the IoT solution can enable for quicker solution match and deployment.

  1. Power source:

An IoT solution can be battery-powered or rely on power from a wall socket, either way deciding which solution suits your end goal can go a long way in the deployment of an IoT solution, as for example, any indoor deployment should ideally be mains powered while an outdoor unit will have to be battery-powered, reliability of the power source will largely determine the effectiveness of the network and as a consequence the effective ROI of the network for the enterprise.

  1. Defining the expected outcome from the solution:

An IoT solution isn’t a silver bullet that will suddenly convert a non-compliant and unready enterprise to a futuristic organization hence clearly determining what is your expected goal can make deployment and further function of the network easier.

Bonus tip:

You can contact thingstel here for one of our teammates to help you audit your organization for IoT solution deployment.

To summarise use this checklist when you consider deploying an IoT solution:

  • Defining expected outcome
  • Power source
  • Internet connectivity
  • Environment of operation
  • ERP

Thingstel IOT SOLUTION ticks off on all the above list and further has a multi-device notification system, analytics, multiple sensors, and industrial gateways for IoT deployment of any environment and scale.

We are going to conclude this article in our classic style of a one-liner:

“Thingstel puts the T & I in IoT”

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