7 Things You Can Do With The Thingstel Platform


With the advent of new technologies and increasing consumerism, it’s become vital for factories to be connected and available 24/7 with reports and visualizations.
Industry 4.0 has become a buzzword today but what does it really mean industry 4.0 refers to the connection of machines to each other and the ability to automate them and have them perform actions without human intervention, imagining your mega factory or gigs factory working autonomously without any human intervention is something of dreams for the 20th-century engineer but 21st century presents itself with the capabilities of the internet and AI that makes this a reality.
 IoT solution by Thingstel is just one of the examples of how industries and factories can perform real-time visualization and have the ability to monitor and predict machine breakdowns and monitor power usage and output and predict product output and plan logistics and procurement. Due to this an uptime of 24/7 with sustained throughput is made possible for a factory.
This kind of high throughput and reliable supply chain is what makes industries and companies industry 4.0 compliant, the possibility of connecting, monitoring, visualizing, predicting, preventing and perfecting a factory floor is enthralling and we are excited to present our solution architecture.

7 things you could do with our solutions:

  1.  Predict and plan your raw material requirement by getting live updates about materials being consumed for current tasks.
  2.  Monitor 100s of machines from any device across geographies hence you could acquire a factory in lower capital-intensive geography and run it from locations where client acquaintance and acquisitions are easy.
  3. Predict and prevent machine breakdowns this reducing production line inconsistency.
  4. Reduce energy bills by planning and predicting surges and decline of production and couple it pricing differences of power from the grid to optimize costs.
  5. Provide accurate delivery timelines to clients, internal teams and stakeholders due to an optimized and reliable production line that is remotely monitored.
  6. Additionally, you get UI optimized dashboards and a multi-device notification system that aid in visualizing critical information about the production line and it can be designed based on different stakeholder requirements! A use case is, a head operator can receive machine level updates about the machine performance and health of the machines while the procurement team receives real-time data about material consumption and the leadership team receives the overall cost of goods sold on a real-time basis. This is a game-changer in itself but there is one other benefit, reduction of meetings just to exchange information about production at various levels which makes room for more task orientation
  7. Scaling will no more be a technical or black box for decision making, raw and interpreted data of past performance and predictive analytics will answer the questions of “how did we do in the past ” to “how soon can I replicate success in the future?”
  8. Bonus: your ERP will finally be able to do the planning part accurately with the last leg of analog production also being inducted into the digital realm.

“Production lines are like watches; Analog ones are for nostalgia only.”

Thingstel’s next-generation sensors, visualization platforms, and customizable analytics modules come with increased intelligence, reliability, and improved accuracy specifications. Our technologies can empower and strengthen your business, providing you with a wide array of solutions ranging from predictive maintenance to remote monitoring to real-time analytics and data visualization. Reach out to us in case you have any questions or simply want to know more!



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