Our Platform uses some of the latest technologies to keep the cost of implementation lower thereby enabling feasibility of millions of use cases across sectors. 

Low Powered Wide Area Network (LPWAN)  

Artificial Intelligence And Image Processing 


Serverless Cloud Computing 

Edge Computing

Voice User Interface (VUI) 

Industry 4.0

Thingstel's platform is a simple and sector agnostic IoT system that is designed for industries.

Our platform offers implementation of Industry 4.0 principles by building a Digital Twin of a physical setup and support the use of data collected from IoT devices to not just improve operational efficiency but also bring in innovation at Product, Process, Service and Business level.

Solution Architecture

Thingstel’s solution architecture collects data from Programmable Logic Controllers and other sensor devices on a centralized Edge Device over different communication protocols like MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP, BACNET, PROFINET and OPC UA. 

The Edge Device has basic data processing capabilities for critical alters requiring low latency.

The device transmits data to the cloud over HTTP/MQTT protocols. Core part of the platform provides for Data Storage, Data Intelligence and Data Visualisation modules. Access to this information is available on custom applications over APIs.

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