IoT Trends of 2022

IoT Trends of 2022

A lot of businesses have benefited from the efficiency that IoT brings. IoT has made a lot of operations across industries extremely easy to access, process, and revert. In 2022, the world still reeling from the effects of the global pandemic can gain a lot from IoT. If we look at IoT trends of 2022, it might mainly be used with security concerns as businesses are benefiting largely from being able to monitor remotely.

Let’s look at some of the trends in the IoT industry that might dominate in the post-pandemic world of 2022 –

  • IoT in Businesses → A lot of small businesses have realized that IoT can help them immensely in terms of driving their efficiency exponentially and in an economical way. Small or large, businesses will always benefit from data-driven insights, by making a lot of manufacturing operations and equipment maintenance extremely simple and accessible remotely. During the pandemic, a lot of businesses faced the challenge of training remotely, one of the solutions to that problem can be that IoT can be put into use in the form of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) tools to make remote training simpler.
  • IoT for Resilience → When it comes to work culture, a lot of shifts happened during the pandemic, especially in the corporate world. A lot of changes with respect to the location and accessibility of work occurred. A major portion of the workforce had to work from home which meant that connectivity and staff monitoring had to be amped to ensure maximum efficiency. IoT trends of 2022 might tilt majorly towards identifying staff and skill shortages and also helping businesses be prepared for changes and adapt quickly.
  • Smart stores → A lot of stores, regardless of their size, are employing simple IoT devices. This will help them manage inventories as the devices can send an alert as and when products are running low. IoT can also be used to track customer movement, collect feedback and also monitor their behavior which will give clear-cut insights into how the store and product placements can be improved.
  • IoT in healthcare → Healthcare can be one of the largest sectors to benefit from IoT. A lot of data can be collected without crowding or needing too many doctors and nurses to monitor – which can be a major beneficial factor in the post-pandemic world of healthcare and dominate the IoT trends of 2022. In addition to this, multiple devices like heart-rate monitors, oxygen pumps, defibrillators can be interconnected and the data can be used efficiently.
  • IoT and Edge computing → This technology can be one of the major game-changers in 2022, as it promotes the analysis of data close to the place where it is collected so the systems can be optimized to maximum capacity. IoT’s smart devices can help achieve this when combined with sensors that only collect data as opposed to monitoring and processing it.
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