5 Applications Of IoT In Your Daily Lives

IoT (Internet of Things) is a network of objects or connected devices embedded with software, sensors, and other technologies that interact and share information. From fitness trackers to healthcare monitoring, from smart homes to smart cars, most of you are unaware of how applications of IoT have impacted your daily lives. Over the years, IoT has flourished, introducing advanced innovations in networking, cloud computing, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. 

IoT enables automation, making your life easier by helping you go about your day-to-day operations faster and smarter. Here’s a brief list of some of the IoT applications commonly used in your daily lives:

  1. Fitness Trackers

Fitness Trackers are wearable devices that use IoT technology to monitor and track users’ health and physical activity. These fitness devices use various sensors to track activities such as walking, running, and high-intensity workouts and can also be used to monitor heartbeats, sleep patterns, calorie consumption, etc. Fitness trackers have been a major part of our life as it boosts a healthy lifestyle while keeping our fitness in check.

  1. Water Leak Detection

Water leakage is one of the common problems we see daily. An automated remote monitoring system can resolve this issue to a great extent. IoT-enabled devices can help detect water leaks around the water storage units or pools, including inaccessible areas. The device also provides remote monitoring of temperatures across refrigeration units that store sensitive or critical commodities. The device sends instant alerts and reports to smartphones connected to the device in case of leaks, temperature variations, etc. 

Thingstel understands the value of conserving water and how effective remote monitoring can be. Therefore, Thingstel’s IoT solution can help avoid water losses in pool areas, water tanks, etc., and remotely monitor the refrigeration temperatures across multiple storage units. Here are some of the wonders Thingstel’s Water Leak Detection & Temperature Monitoring device can do:

  • Automatically detect water leaks across surfaces, including inaccessible areas
  • User-friendly mobile and web applications for monitoring, reporting, and instant alerts
  • Real-time remote monitoring of refrigeration units that contain critical and perishable inventory
  1. Healthcare 

IoT has significantly influenced the healthcare industry by enabling remote patient monitoring and helping professionals deliver exceptional care. Numerous IoT-driven devices and applications facilitate overseeing patient’s health using wearable and wireless devices that monitor – heart rate, blood glucose, oxygen levels, blood pressure, etc. Some of these devices use motion sensors to track the activities of high-risk patients and can also be used to monitor inventory, equipment, etc. 

  1. Supply Chain

IoT has proved to be a boon for the supply chain industry by helping companies to collect consumer data using various connected devices and sensors, thus improving the quality of services provided. IoT devices can track inventory, goods, and vehicles. It can also share real-time alerts based on storage conditions, etc. One of the most common applications of IoT in our daily life is delivering apps that use the technology to keep track of the movements of delivery agents from source to destination. 

  1. Smart Waste Management

Waste management is one of the most common global concerns. Garbage collection and processing is a huge challenge, and most procedures are ineffective. However, IoT waste management systems can play a pivotal role in smoothening the process. IoT technology uses multiple sensors and embedded systems for monitoring, data collection and storage, reporting and instant alerts, etc. 

Pioneer in IoT technology, Thingstel’s Weighing Scale for Waste Management device is one of the innovations which has helped well-established companies with effective waste management.  This is how Thingstel’s IoT solutions proved to be a game-changer:

  • Automated and accurate data entry and correlation process eliminated the process of manual entries
  • Meticulous data storage for future access and management
  • Seamless data transfer and integration with existing systems
  • Real-time reporting, monitoring, and accessibility

These applications are just the tip of the iceberg. IoT has evolved and advanced exceptionally by introducing numerous applications in our daily life to make our lives easier, simpler, and smarter. Thingstel’s IoT is your impeccable partner in digital transformation for comfortable and simplified living.

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